General medicine

The family doctor keeps track

Classical medicine is the basis of a holistic view of man.

The family doctor is usually the first point of contact for the patient when it comes to making a diagnosis and initiating appropriate treatment.


Anamnesis from the field of general medicine and the resulting decisions will ensure that illnesses are adequately recognized and treated in order to prevent harm to patients.

This procedure is especially important if patients are already taking medication and do not know how to combine it with naturopathic measures.


Important fields of work in general medicine

One of the important tasks of a family doctor is also to keep the complete overview in the system and to classify the findings of the various specialist disciplines in an overall picture. Only then can any necessary measures be initiated, unnecessary treatment avoided and clear diagnoses made in the field of general medicine.

Our services in the field of general medicine

In order to ensure that all modern treatment methods are available to you, we offer you the following services in the field of general medicine at our practice in Frankfurt am Main:


Mutual trust and personalised, patient-adapted counselling play an equally important role for us, as well as a sympathetic practice environment and understanding for the people who seek our help.



General medicine at a high level of niveau, as the basis of therapy

In our premises in our practice in Frankfurt am Main, we offer comprehensive services in the field

of general medicine and have set ourselves the goal to act humanly and always on a high medical level. Our claim: a suitable treatment, tailored to individual patients, forms the basis for a fast sustainable recovery.