Complementary Oncology

Support and help in difficult times

Use complementary therapies supportively

The diagnosis of a cancer is usually shocking and makes the patient fall into a deep hole. Added to this are uncertainty, fears about the future and a variety of conflicting opinions about treatment options. In addition, the different opinions with regard to the topic of “oncology”, which are disseminated in the various forums, are only a real help in the rarest cases. On the contrary! The patient scans the net for possible future scenarios and healing methods and worries even more.

This true “flood of data” and other points / influences reinforce the unstable position of the patient, who actually needs a “support” in this situation. Complementary oncology, as practiced in our practice in Frankfurt am Main, comes into play here


At eye level and individual: ComplementaryOncology in our practice

I offer you my knowledge on this extensive topic, in order to strengthen and support you and not to burden you with an almost insurmountable flood of information.

Working together, and based on my medical experience in this field, we explore the possibilities that provide meaningful complementary oncology therapy. Accompanying chemotherapy or radiation, exercise, nutritional adjustments, herbal medications and other procedures are useful.

Did you know that physical activity significantly reduces the risk of recurrence of a carcinoma in clinical trials? Read here. (Link einfügen)

Complementary oncology and its challenges

All necessary treatment steps are discussed together in my practice in Frankfurt am Main. The goal here is always to improve your well-being and to survive the therapies better and with less side effects.


However, familiarizing yourself with the possibilities of complementary oncology also means not only using state-of-the-art techniques, but also focusing on the individual patient.  Other procedures are available, depending on the patients’ initial situation, age and state of health. Accordingly, it takes an overview of the overall situation and empathy to help people in this complicated period of life.

Our services in the field of Complementary Oncology

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